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The Terrington Comunity Fund offers a wonderful opportunity for individual parishioners, groups and established clubs to get that exciting idea or project up and running.
To apply you must live in the parish of Terrington St. Clement. To give you some idea of the sort of things you need to think about, your idea/ project:

Terrington Community Fund will not:
  - Break the law or public policy -
- Promote political or religious campaigns -
- Be in direct competition with a business -
- Offend other people e.g. the ethnicity or religious beliefs -
- Replace other government funding for activities -

To apply for funding simply complete and submit the application form below
 Your application will be looked at by the Terrington Community Fund Committee who will come back to you
with a decision within a maximum of 3 months of your application.



The total cost of your project.
Please provide a breakdown of the total costs of this project.

Please note that the maximum grant that can be awarded by the Terrington Community Fund is £200 per group or £100 per individual. Please do not apply for more than this. Also note the Terrington Community Fund may choose to award a smaller grant depending on the project criteria.

Grant Request:  

How will the Grant be Spent:(if being split)    
Item 1:     Item2:     Item 3:


Total Project Cost:

Other Funders if Applicable:
Funder 1:  

Funder 2:  

Funder 3:


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